Philippines - Sulubaaï Sea Academy

This mission is the first in a program to train Eco-Guards and Eco-Guides for the Pangatalan Marine Park in the Philippines.

Sulubaaï is a foundation ( which has owned the island of Pangatalan, in the north-east of the Palawan archipelago in the Philippines, since 2011, and whose aim is to regenerate the area and, in particular, the seabed.

This regeneration has begun with the creation of a marine protected area around this small island, as well as programs to restore devastated coral reefs and fish nurseries. In particular, they act as a scientific relay for other associations in the context of new methods for rearing fish larvae prior to reintroduction into the natural environment.

On a more general level, Sulubaaï is a driving force in the region to demonstrate environmental interest, and motivates villages on neighboring islands to create an entire protected region and eco-responsible tourism.

Through Frédéric Tardieu, Sulubaaï has asked Plongeurs du Monde to help with 3 actions:

  • Train marine park wardens to dive, so that they have the skills to monitor and maintain the nearby coastal areas.
  • Intervene in local schools (equivalent to junior high schools in France) to introduce students to the little-known marine environment and raise their awareness of environmental protection.
  • Train people who don't have the financial means to follow conventional diving training, with the aim of becoming supervisors for local diving centers.


Training courses:

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