Since 2005, Plongeurs du Monde has been developing programs in various countries.

Our current programs

Comoros - Itsamia
This program is a continuation of the training courses organized in the Comoros, and will help set up a diving center in Itsamia, and train Eco-Guards and Eco-Guides from this region of Mohéli in the Comoros.
Madagascar - Diego Suarez
Diving training for Master II students in underwater biology at the University of Diego Suarez in Madagascar.
Madagascar - Nosy Be
Training young Madagascans from the Nosy Be region until they become professionals in local diving centers.
Madagascar - Tulear University
Diving training for Master II students in underwater biology at the University of Tuléar in southern Madagascar.
Marocco - Al Hoceima
Training young adults to boost recreational diving in Morocco.
Marocco - Saïdia
Training young adults to boost diving in the Saïdia region.
Ocean Academy
Interventions in schools, extracurricular activities, trade fairs and events to raise young people's awareness of issues relating to the Ocean and its preservation.
Philippines - Leyte
Training local divemasters to work in the bay's centers. Training maritime guards to monitor and protect the coastline.
Philippines - Leyte University SLSU
This program aims to train students from the University of Leyte (SLSU) in diving as part of its marine biology program, and to include monitoring and action for local marine protection.
Tanzania - Mafia Island
Training of young people on the island of Mafia to obtain a professional diving diploma or become active in reef protection associations; training of Tanzanian marine park employees involved in protecting the marine environment.
Vietnam - Ninh Van diving fishermen
Training fishermen divers from Ninh Van village to learn diving techniques and avoid accidents.

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Whether you're already a supervisor or are in the process of training to become one, you can join our teams and play an active part in our missions.

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