Tanzania - Mafia Island

Training of young people on the island of Mafia to obtain a professional diving diploma or become active in reef protection associations; training of Tanzanian marine park employees involved in protecting the marine environment.

Mafia Island, 160 km south of Zanzibar, remains virtually unknown. The aura of Zanzibar and the difficulty of communicating with the mainland have enabled the island to retain its authentic, unspoilt character.

The Mafia archipelago stretches across the Indian Ocean, 21 km from the Rufiji River Delta in central Tanzania. Made up of a multitude of islets, atolls and sandbars, the island is 50km long and 15km wide, surrounded by a coral reef that is home to a dense marine fauna.


The mission begun in 2017 has enabled us to train local young people up to Divemaster level and thus find local employment. We are continuing to train local young people who will be able to help marine protection associations: reef restoration, creation of nursery areas, etc...

Plongeurs Du Monde has also signed an agreement (Memorandum Of Understanding) with the Tanzanian marine parks to train their employees involved in the protection of marine life: population measurements, studies of the evolution of the environment by analysis of the DNA present... For each drilling, we have at least 3 park employees.

We continue to support local life and associations:

  • Raising local awareness of the need to protect the marine environment
  • Waste minimization and collection
  • Introducing schoolchildren to reef life: snorkeling a remote reef and discussing species and their protection.



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