Madagascar - Diego Suarez

Diving training for Master II students in underwater biology at the University of Diego Suarez in Madagascar.

Our association was approached by the University of Diego Suarez in 2018, following a Dive Master training course that had taken place in Nosy Be, and included 2 underwater biology students from this university. These 2 young people acted as our intermediaries, and it was through them that we met the Dean and Head of the Faculty of Underwater Biology.

During this exchange, we were able to build a multi-year project for Master II underwater biology students, in line with the expectations of the European researchers working at the university.

The aim of this mission is twofold:

  • Training students and future professionals in biology to monitor and protect the seabed.
  • Diving training for these young adults, who will be able to work in the bay's diving centers, accompanying researchers in complete safety and respect for the environment.

For local logistical reasons (we don't have a partner diving center in Diego Suarez), we worked with our long-standing partner Océane's Dream in Nosy Be.

As a result, the first specific training course for 10 student divers took place in December 2019, and will be repeated as agreed for 2020 and subsequent years.


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