Who are Plongeurs du Monde?

Plongeurs du Monde (Divers of the World) is a Non-Governmental Organisation of International Solidarity, whose program is based on sustainable development by:

Training people in sub-aquatic activities
Helping individuals to obtain economic independence by obtaining a diploma as diving professional
Developing awareness of the marine environment and its protection

Our organisation is affiliated with the FSGT under the n°13723054.
We are also a PADI Dive Resort n° : 21832

This double affiliation enables us to deliver certifications recognized internationally by PADI, FSGT/CMAS, FSGT/ISO by quality training to young people.

You can also take part in our adventure, by choosing to train yourself with Plongeurs du Monde. You can then help us and support our actions which we carry out all over the world with young people coming from poor backgrounds...

Our story

Plongeurs du Monde (Divers of the World) was created, after the TSUNAMI drama of December 2004, to assist the populations touched by the disaster, more particularly the population making a living from fishing. Thus, in partnership with Green Hope, an association working to school the children of the village of Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka) we decided to help finance a fishing vessel and restore to some fishermen and their families the tool necessary for a livelihood.

Today the actions of Plongeurs du Monde are orientated its activities towards training young people coming from poor backgrounds.
Our purpose is to give the technical means to these young people (training in sub-aquatic activities) so that they can obtain a professional qualification enabling them to work in the diving industry such as a PADI Divemaster.

Our actions also emphasize training about marine environmental protection. A good diver cannot de trained and effective without being fully aware of the fragile nature of this (our) environment...

Founding member of Plongeurs du Monde


Since January 2005, more than 100 voluntary trainers (entirely voluntary) from all sorts of diving backgrounds (PADI, FSGT, FFESSM, IF) from France, Switzerland, Belgium and elsewhere have taken part in our missions in seven countries: Sri Lanka, Oman, Dominique, Vietnam, Philippines, Maroc, Tanzanie, Madagascar, Comores.

Nearly 300 young people have trained and encouraged to discover the pleasures of diving and the wonders of the underwater world.

For about fifteen young people this discovery has now become full time work in diving centres on the world thanks to the training activities which we undertaken...