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By making a donation to Plongeurs du Monde, you support our actions and missions around the world. Your donation enables us to organize training courses for young people, provide teaching aids, and preserve and raise awareness of the environment.

Plongeurs du Monde receives no public subsidies.
These donations guarantee our financial independence and freedom of action.

Please help us to continue!

Tax profit - for France only

Our association, a non-profit organization (law 1901), recognized as being in the public interest, is authorized to receive donations. We send each donor a tax receipt for your tax return.

You benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of your taxable income (up to a maximum of 20% for the year, with any excess over 20% carried forward to the next 5 years).

For example:

You make a donation of: 30 € 60 € 90 € 150 €
You will benefit from a deduction of: 20 € 40 € 60 € 100 €
In reality, your donation only costs you: 10 € 20 € 30 € 50 €

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  • You can fill in the online donation form below with HelloAsso.
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You can make a donation to the association, which will be divided equally among all our programs according to technical needs.

You can also make your donation by specifying the program you wish to support. We will respect your request and allocate your donation according to your wishes.

Everyday help

Lilo is a solidarity-based search engine that redistributes half its revenues to social and environmental projects, and respects your privacy. The Plongeurs du Monde project is financed thanks to Lilo.

To support us, you can choose Lilo as your search engine by clicking on this link: